Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Birthday Party Fun!

Sunday we had Layne's birthday party with all his friends. He wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pool party and that's what we had!

This is the cake I made. I used marshmallow fondant for the turtles and it worked out well. Layne loved the cake! He was excited that the turtles were on it!

Swimming in the pool with a couple of his little friends.

Slip N Slide fun! The kids thought this was a blast to go down with all the soap on it.

Look at them go!

PiƱata time! I must admit that it always scares me a little giving little kids a stick to hit things with. Ha!

Power hitter!!

Opening presents with the help of his friends. 

After presents, more swimming took place. We had a full pool!

It was a great day! Layne had a blast and that makes me so happy. I'm glad I could throw this together for him. Love making that little boy smile!

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