Saturday, July 19, 2014

Layne's 6th Birthday

Layne turned 6 on July 15th. He had a great day and was excited about all the great presents. 

He received a small kit of Jawbones from his great grandma and great uncle. He wasn't sure about them at first but after trying them out, he is obsessed! They are a blast to play with.

Layne was so excited about his next gift he received from his Grandma Lynda and Papa Georgie (my parents). He got his very one bow. He has been practicing with Matt and I and is getting the hang of it. 

My parents also bought him a farm set to add to the one he already has at there house. He was quite excited about this!

The day before his birthday he helped me make a cake for the daycare kids. The kids enjoyed the cake! 

Layne had asked for a scope for his BB gun so Matt had found him one at sd heels and surprised him with it. Matt had to help Layne get used to looking through a scope though, hence why he's covering his eye in the picture. Ha! 

 Besides the scope, we also got Layne a fourwheeler! He was so excited! He got it a few days before his actual birthday because it was a little hard to hide it from him but he didn't care!

Matts parents came over for supper on his birthday and Layne got to have his favorite, Papa Johns pizza and their apple pizza. They gave him a slip n slide and a soccer ball. He loved his soccer ball because it was his favorite color, green! We had a busy day on his birthday but it was so much fun!!

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