Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Little Turkey Hunter

 We have a great place close by to us called The Outdoor Campus. Layne and I love going there. The best part is it's all free! The Outdoor Campus offers lots of classes and they are super fun! Layne has taken several classes from archery to learning all about different types of animals.  Monday Layne and I went to a class on Turkey hunting. ( My boy is obsessed with all things hunting!). He was so excited to learn that he would be able to shoot nerf guns at actual turkey targets! 

Here he is shooting! Such a fun time!

He had a blast!! 

Besides going to the classes they great walking trails, a fun indoor play area, and lots of other cool stuff. Layne loves the fish tanks as well as the giant fish!

Here's Layne checking out the giant fish! So cool!

We have lots of plans to come back here in the future! 

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